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Patient Stories

At Christ’s Family Clinic, we care for each and every single person that walks through our doors. Each patient has a story. Every patient has a need. 


These are some of their stories. 


E.R. has been coming to Christ Family Clinic for four years for management of his diabetes. Initially he was taking insulin, but now, after working with our team on diet and exercise, he is able to control his diabetes with oral medications. As a result, he is able to continue working as a painter.


C.C. is a 23 year old woman who struggles with anxiety and depression. Taking a low dose of medication from the clinic has helped her manage these symptoms and improve her overall mental health. As a result, she continues to take classes at a local community college to prepare for better job opportunities.


M.P. is a 63 year old woman with diabetes. With the help of the Christ’s Family Clinic’s team she recently made significant changes to her diet and lost 20 pounds. Her diabetes and quality of life improved significantly as a result.


M.M. is a 47 year old woman who came to see us in 2021 because she had a blood sugar of 300. With the direction of the team at Christ’s Family Clinic, her medication and lifestyle changes have lowered her blood sugar to an almost normal level. She is now able to continue being the primary caregiver for her family and young son without risk of hospitalization from complications from diabetes.


L.M. is a 38 year old woman who sees us for management of high blood pressure. With our team’s help she has been able to control her blood pressure with medication and a low salt diet, which has decreased her risk for a heart attack and stroke.

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