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Today Is North Texas Giving Day!!

Please take a moment to consider giving to Christ’s Family Clinic for North Texas Giving Day!
This year, your contributions will go toward expanding the hours of physician availability at the Clinic. Our goal is to offer primary care to more underserved adults in Dallas. Your support will enable us to increase doctor hours and provide more appointments for patients. Your gift can make this happen!
A male patient under our care for four years at Christ’s Family Clinic has been undergoing diabetes management. Initially prescribed insulin, our collective focus on dietary adjustments and exercise has enabled him to transition to oral medications. This successful transition has allowed him to continue his career as a painter.
A female patient currently entrusts us with her high blood pressure management. Thanks to our dedicated team’s support and guidance, she has successfully achieved blood pressure control through a combination of prescribed medication and adopting a low-sodium diet. This proactive approach to her health not only enhances her quality of life but also substantially reduces her susceptibility to the potentially devastating risks associated with high blood pressure. We are proud to be a part of her journey towards better health and well-being.
Thank you for making a difference at Christ’s Family Clinic!!!
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